Information, CDs and DVDs - The book you don't read wont help you. How many of you have bought books which sit comfortably in your book cases? The book case doesn't need them, you do!

When I told friends I was retiring there were several reactions - Disbelief that I had reached retirement age (although I am a few years over that), others said "What are you going to do with all that time (WHAT TIME!)". Some said "Now you will be able to travel where you want when you want". They didn't give any suggestions as to where the money was coming from. My pension wouldn't allow me to live at the standard I was accustomed to never mind the lifestyle I aspired to.

Long before the dreaded day came I tried to involve myself in several schemes most of which turned out to be pyramid schemes with no benefit to those who joined. As I couldn't sell a glass of iced water to a man in a desert, this was all a futile endeavour.

A friend invited me to a Property Seminar. From there I was introduced to Tony Robbins' 'UPW' (Unleash the Power Within'. Yes, I walked on hot coals twice! I broke boards at Joseph McClendon's 'Cure for the Common Life'. I became a seminar junkie but on the journey I grew in confidence, improved my health It opened up a whole new world. During this time I met, and continue to meet, so many loving and supportive people.

I read Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Wallace D. Wattles; listened to Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Nigel Risner, Dave O'Conner, Jamie McIntyre, Marcus De Maria, Bob Proctor, Gerry Robert, Randy Gage, Jason Vale, (The Juice Master),  Robert Holden, Peter Heibloem, Mark Anastasi I joined the 'YES' Group in London and Toastmasters International. Then I bought the DVD 'The Secret' which is a real inspiration and very uplifting. The result was that, when the end of formal employment came, I was looking forward to it. I was elated and walking on air.

These people have written or recorded so much information which will change your life. They cover spiritual growth, wealth creation, information on how to invest in the stock market, property development and, of course, health and well being

I have now trained to trade on the stock market, learnt how to build a web-site, e-commerce, how to invest in property and am writing a book under the mentorship of Gerry Robert

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