If you do what you have always done you will get the same results you have always got
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It's surprising how easily we slip into routines which result in our lives being boring.

I would suggest that even small changes in how  you do things can make an enormous difference.

If possible take a new way to the shops.

Sing in the bath.- If someone else has to bath you, ignore them, sing anyway.

Dance to some music you would normally not listen to.  If you can physically not dance then I would like you to read the next bit very very slowly.

Close your eyes.  Relax as completely as you can.  Breath slowly and deeply.  Visualise.

Visulise yourself tapping your toes to music.  If you can't hear the music then visualise a beat

One two, One two, One two. 

In your mind see yourself getting up.  Slowly, steady yourself and now start. Visualise yourself moving around the room.  Your feet are in perfect rythmn, Your arms are up wafting with the music.  Visualise each muscle absorbing the beat of the music. 

One two, One two, One two. 

Remember to keep breathing,  The muscles are changing as you shift your weight.  Your hips are moving and your upper body is swaying. 

One two, One two, One two. Hum to the music.  Feel the tension slipping away, first from your head, down through your body and out through your toes.  Gently a warm white light is entering your body, caressing every muscle, every bone. One two, One two, One two,

 Continue until you feel you want to rest and then very gently slow your body, relax, keep breathing and give a contented sigh.  Do this on a regular basis and your brain will believe that you have really exercised and send a messsage to your muscles which, together with the additional oxygen inhaled, will refresh your body and uplift your spirits.



Once a week go somewhere you have never been before.

Go down a different street, 

Eat at a different restaurant. Order something you've never ordered before.

Visit a store you have never entered before.  Perhaps it looked too expensive, too young, not 'you'.

Watch a programme you never dreamed of watching.  A 'Discovery' programme, a cartoon, 'Extreme Machines', anything. You will go into another world. 

 Do you go on holiday?  Great. If you don't, do.  If you do, then go to a different place

Do you go to exotic places?  Why not visit the next county.  You would be surprised at the number of people who travel the world and don't know their own country.  Other people visit your country and find it exciting.  Why not go and find out why?:

Book into a local hotel and have a day, a week-end, a week away from home.  Allow  yourself to be pampered. 

Never go to the hairdressers ?   Then go.  If you go on a regular basis then, now and again, go to one a little more upmarket.  If you already go to an upmarket establishment then have treatments you don't usually have.   Change your routine. Don't be predictable

Do you have a hobby or a sport which you love?  Good. 

Have you every thought of doing something else?  It will stimulate your brain cells to learn a new card game, a new board game. 

When did you last change your furniture? If they are antiques maybe you are just saving them to pass on to others.

 Do you realise that you can also change your life by changing your home? I am sure that over the years you have accumulated 'stuff'. 'Stuff' you really don't need, that is cluttering up your loft, garage, under the stairs.

You could make a whole new career out of that 'stuff'. If you don't want it or need it someone else does. You would be amazed at what people collect.

Sort out your 'stuff'. An old programme, chairs which are just in the way. That 10 year old camera and gizmos which no one uses these days. These are all a gold mine. Sort out the things you haven't looked at in the last five years. Does your home look like a 1950s, 60's, 70's 80's film set. Clear it all out.

Re-adorn your home whilst you re-adorn your life.

Make a hobby of it and earn some money at the same time. Don't just throw it out with the rubbish! Someone may be looking for that. Get on to Ebay, follow their simple instructions and you are on your way.

Perhaps when you have finished with your 'stuff' you can start working on relatives, friends and neighbours. You will end up with a whole new life with the added bonus of tons more space. Sell your item on eBay!