The Science Behind Raw Food
Peter Pure

Over the past 4 years I have guided hundreds of people to major health improvements through raw plant nutrition. Regardless of how healthy or not they are to start with, my average client gets:

  • 3 - 5 more hours of energy every day
  • They increase their brain power
  • Lose weight (7kg per month av).
  • Clear up their skin
  • Drastically cut down on the amount of headaches, coughs, colds, flu's they get, if they get any at all that is.
  • Most other health complaints disappear rapidly

The reason for these awesome results is because eating raw plants is simply getting us into alignment with our 3.8 million year old design.[1]

It follows the original nutritional teaching that the human diet is green leaves, fruits and seeds.[2]

Whilst the use of fire and cooking only started around 250,000 years ago and is relatively recent in our history.[3] Certainly, our bodies have not adapted to food that has been cooked. The use of cooking causes the body to launch a white blood cell attack on the food as if it were a foreign invader, called leucocytosis.[4]

It is leucocytosis which is responsible for massively compromising the immune system, which is so critical in warding off health ailments. When we consume 75% or more of our diet as raw living plants, our immune system is 100% intact. Yet even dropping to 70% of our diet as raw plants leads to a 17% nose dive in our immune system response, and a 65% of our diet consumed as raw living plants means that we only have 47% of our immune system operational.[5]

I personally believe that the use of cooked food is the number 1 reason for the majority of the health demise of man. This, I believe replicates the tragedy of the huge 900 cat study by Dr. Frances Pottenger whereby cats fed cooked food progressively declined in all aspects of their health and by the 4th generation lost their ability to reproduce, as compared to cats fed raw food who resonated good health.[6]

Further more, cooking food also leads to contracted dental arches, and to malocclusion and impaction of the teeth.[7] This has been very well documented by the dentist Weston A Price in his studies of native tribes people.[8]

Cooking food has a massive impact on loss nutritional levels. Cooking makes 50% of the protein unavailable, destroys 60-70% of the vitamins, up to 96% of the B12, and 100% of phytonutrients such as: gibberellins, anthrocyans, nobelitin, and tangeretin which boost the immune system and other body functions.[9]

   In the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, The China Project conducted by Oxford and Cornell Universities and the Chinese Government, it was found that for maximum health humans need to eat plants excusively with no animal products at all.[10] This lead Colin Campbell, one of the directors of the study to make the statement based upon the research that "Every man, woman and child on earth should be a vegan vegetarian".[10]

Critics of raw food nutrition have stated things like: 1, There is a lack of protein in raw foods. 2, People aren't able to properly digest raw foods. And 3, TCM practitioners claim that eating raw plants leads to a damp spleen.

There is no lack of protein in raw food nutrition at all. Compare chicken which is 23% protein compared to the algae Spirulina which is 57% protein.[11] 

The Max Plank Institute has document that as much as HALF of the amino acids are completely destroyed by cooking, especially the delicate amino acids such as Tryptophan which feel good neurotransmitter serotonin is built from. So cooked fish and meat may only be 12% protein.    Raw plants are actually critical for proper digestion. It has been shown that the enzymes that accompany foods are necessary to digest food, but they are destroyed through cooking.[12]

Raw food

Raw food

Perhaps it's because most people who have been consuming cooked food have woefully inadequate hydrocholoric acid that has lead critics to saying that people can't digest raw food. However, it has been shown through gastroenterology that hydrocholoric acid can be completely reinstated through drinking raw green leaf juice [13]

"There is no such thing as a damp spleen" Dr. Brian Clement has declared. In his 52 years of clinical research on raw food nutrition Dr. Clement has not found any such thing as a damp spleen. Dr. Clement stated "I challenge anyone to prove to me that there is such a thing as a damp spleen" and went on to say  "You have to realise that TCM did the best they could with the understandings that they had at the time. TCM was centuries before our understandings of Anatomy, Immunity, and Biochemistry".[14]

The outlook is bright for raw food veganism. Not only is it incredible for our health, it is also incredible for the health of the planet. "Refusing meat is the single most effective thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint".[15]

In a massive 2006 environmental report by the U.S. Food and Agriculture Organisation, they stated "All the SUV's, Hummers, trucks, ships and planes in the world contritbute less to the problem than meat".[16] 

"The soot and debris that comes from cooking is the Number 1 source of air pollution in Los Angeles - above cars!" reported the LA Times Newspaper in 2002. "42% of air pollution over Asia comes from cooking fires, only 25% is from burning fossil fuels" reported a US news bulletin March 3rd 2005.

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Article written in December 2008 for Complimentary Medical Association, UK